1. What is in a dish? How does it taste like?

  2. Under the Menu page, just by moving your mouse cursor or pointer over any food item, more details regarding the food item will show up, such as ingredient, sauce, and taste just like following picture shows.

  3. How to order so you can enjoy your meal and stay healthy at the same time?

  4. While ordering your food, please tell us anything you watch for. Such as sugar, salt, low fat, low cholesterol, vegetarian, or any food allergy such as seafood. We can always accommodate your need.

  5. How to get your food prepared timely?

  6. Please call us and give us your food order, so we can prepare your food in advance. Allow at least 15 to 20 minutes for your dinner order placed between 5:30PM and 6:45PM. Or you can call early ahead, and tell us what time you will be picking up the food. In this way, we can prepare your food for you to pick up right on time.

This pages will be updated regularly, please check back soon