Who What do people say about us? Where
Avista We like China Gourmet in Colony Plaza (466A). Telephone 352-750-4965 We go there often for their $5 lunches. link
Muncle I like the China Star/Gourmet/?? in Colony Plaza on 466A. Good food, fast, cheap. Nice people. They have a lot of specials at really good prices. The lunchtime specials are dirt cheap. link
villages07 They have a small eat in area and also do takeout. I agree with Avista and Mr Muncle that this new China Gourmet is tasty and very reasonable. We get one combo dinner for $7 and it's more than enough for both of us. link
rdhdleo China Gourmet is acceptable at best. The best in this area anyway. link
Cinlite I would agree that the China Gourmet on 466A is the best in the area. My husband and I enjoy it. link
chelsea24 Chinese Gourmet in The Colony Plaza is wonderful! But they don't deliver. link
mfp509 Just got lunch at China Gourmet - MMMMMMMM!!!!
I definitely recommend.
CinCo My husband, a fried rice fanatic, raved about the pork fried rice (which is served with all of the meals), saying it was the best he'd ever eaten.

I love hot & sour soup, and theirs was excellent. I also had the vegetable egg roll, and it was so full of delicious fresh veggies. My main course was the shrimp with Chinese vegetables. The shrimp were perfect, and the veggies were plentiful, very fresh, and cooked to perfection.
ejp52 We ordered pick up from there for dinner tonight,tasty. link
MSNPA I've been to China Gourmet a few times and it seems like a very clean place with really good food. link