About Us

Our first restaurant "China Gourmet" was established in Naples, FL. Since then we opened "China Gourmet II" in Estero (Ft Myers), and "China Gourmet III" in The Villages, FL, and our new location "China Gourmet VI" in Lake Deaton Plaza in The Villages, FL.

We have been focused on quality and service, because we believed your satisfaction is our pleasure.

How do we make sure you are satisfied? Check out our "Return" policy.

Our "return" Policy
Whenever a dish comes out of the kitchen, our chef and cooks always keep in mind that the dish should be looking good, and make sure it got the right sauce, just like they will eat the dish for a meal themselves. Otherwise the dish will get returned to the kitchen.

we believed our customer should always be happy with our food and service, and we understand the importance of listening to our customers.

Is there something wrong with your order or our service? We appreciate you doing following things for us to get better everyday. Of course the first one is utmost important.

1. Please tell us what should we do that can bring a smile on your face.
2. Please tell us what happen so we can improve and serve you better next time.
3. Please tell us in what ways or in what area in general we can do better to help us get better everyday.

We are looking forward to serving you soon.